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Improves the performance of ads. Improves revenue even with Google AdSense and AdExchange already present.

InText and Sticky formats for those who don’t have any video content.

Monetize your content. Any content.

Display, video, in-app, non-standardized formats. You name it.

Consulting the ads. At your service.

We propose placements, formats and custom strategies. We use individual approach to meet your most secret monetizing desires.

Trouble with traffic and users behavior? We may have a few tips.

We advise you how to boost your traffic. We keep him on-site longer and make him consume more. Neato.

Technical consultations.

Our developer team is ready to provide any necessary support.

We're Google Partner.

We have exclusive access to solve issues directly with Google. Don’t sweat it, let us handle it!

We are your key to the world of AdExchange premium.

Premium advertisers, Premium CPMs, our know-how on your side.

DoubleClick for Publishers.

We provide full integration for the service.

We started using FatChilli about
a year ago, and the impact
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They managed to get most of our
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professional, yet very well spirited

If you are looking to monetize
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Martin Durec, CEO


Business strategist, ad network specialist & UX designer
walk in to the bar… no, we are not joking!

Jaro Janko

Daniel Novak
Head of Business Development

Matt Borko
Head of Customer Success

Monetizing content seems to be the most crucial obstacle separating the winners from losers in the business of internet today. We heard a lot about what seems to be the toughest challenge form our friends and colleagues and we decided to do something fat and spicy about it.

FatChilli aims to make the whole process more efficient, and less stressful for the creators. They should do, what they do best, create top-notch content and don’t get confused and distracted with SEOs, adBlocks and handling the Google. That is our part, to harness our skills and experience to provide the best solution for your business. Period.

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